The showyear 2014

 Now it's only a few days to this year ends and what a year it has been! I could not dream that it would be such a successful show year as it was! For even though we were far from on all the shows still managed two of our dogs end up as 2nd on basenjilist!! I am incredibly proud of Diesel (Jasiri-Sukari Win Diesel) and Zoya (Enigma I Have a Dream), which succeeded in this :-) Diesel has not only several BOB placements but also two group winnings in Sweden and a group-3 in Denmark. He has won the CAC in every country we visited (Norway, Finland and Denmark), and now he only needs the last CACIB to achieve the International Champion title! All this had never been possible without the worlds best Jenny who handled our prince during the year. Zoya is sparingly shown but managed really well in most big shows like My Dog, the Kennel Club in Norrköping the same weekend as the basenjispecial and the only day she attended on three-day in Jönköping.

That these two dogs now has 6 small wonders in the puppy box at our house feels so incredibly fun and we look forward with great excitement to what will become of these little ones :)

At last our own breed pearl Cava (Touch of Razz Pink Champagne) ended up on 6th place on female list, and now we are waiting for the last CC (she already has 8 of CC's) for her to get her championship.

Now waiting for another exciting year and I really hope to see some of the puppies that are now in the puppy box in the show ring this summer:-)




Anna and Cava went to Sundsvall and Cava continues to deliver!

On Saturday it was SSUK and there she ended up 3rd best bitch. On Sunday it was SKK and there she ended up 2nd best bitch(out of 8) with CACIB for breedspecialist Anneli Pukkila! We are so proud of our great girl. :)



Diesels father are writing history in USA!

What a wonderful news from USA! Diesels father Ch Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin wins the american basenjispecial for the third year in a row! To win not only once but three times should almost be impossible but not for "the one and only Winston"!! He is undeniably a very special dog and off course we are very proud to have one of his sons with us! :)


 Wow wow another BIG-1!!

This weekend we went to Gimo on this season last outdoor show. Great weather and in the ring our Diesel was shining as the sun. Breed judge Lisbeth Campbell was delighted in him and called him "outstanding" and the only thing that was written on his critique was : "thanks for coming" and there was a big sun! so that feels a little extra in the heart. :) Groupjudge didn't think different and for last was Diesel who ended up BIG-1!! For second time this year!! We are so proud over our great prince. Many thanks to Diesel's handler Jenny Andersson who made ​​this possible <3

Our Cava was also there and she ended up 2 best bitch with CC so now this young lady has 8 CC, something we are very proud of.

A successful weekend

The first weekend in september was Anna and Cava on a show close to home. Cava ended up as 2 best bitch out of 8 bitches, which we are very proud of! :) Judge was breedspecialist Sofie Lönn.

Later that day we also got a message from Poland that Touch of Razz Romeo Red "Axel" has become Polish champion! Really fun!


The summer is short..

Yikes what I've been bad on updating the website lately ... must blame on vacation at the lake and the long hot summer days that you have spent any time outdoors)

We have of course been on some dog shows and got some nice results with us home.

This years basenjispecial went of the same weekend as Norrköping INT last weekend in May. Att SKK show our Zoya ended up as BOS. The basenjispecial was a nice event as usually and the day offered many beautiful dogs and beautiful weather. A very good weekend!

In the middle of Juny it was time for Avesta INT where Diesel, Zoya and Cava was entering. It was a great day with good friends and great results! Diesel became BOB, Zoya BOS, Cava second best bitch with CC.

In the middle of July it's tradition to go at the 2-days show in Tvååker and so this year. We had only Diesel with us and he became BOS first day.

The weekend after it was time for Anna and Cava to go to Alfta and we got good news by phone that Cava was second best bitch with CC. Anna and Cava continued their success with a great weekend the weekend after! At SSUK in Köping Cava became BOB, BIS-2 intermediate and BIS-3 adult. So proud we are and big congrats Anna!!

This year 3-days show was in Jönköping and of course we was going there. Perfect to go with the caravan and stay in the show area. First day Zoya was BOB but day 2 and 3 we had no success at all. However, we had a great weekend with good friends. :)

Now the show season is almost over for this year and we look forward to the autumn and our puppy plans! :) 




Roskilde och 2x BOB!!!

After having been in both Finland and Norway with Diesel so I and Jenny decided a little hurriedly and funny that we would go to Denmark too. In May it's a two-day show in Roskilde and therefore two chances to CAC and CACIB. :) With us we had two of mine, Diesel and Zoya and Jenny Dalmatians Jill. Although about 9 hours drive went surprisingly quick but that's what happens when you normally have lots to talk about. :) Det var väldigt bra hotell vi bokat med bra ytor runtikring att rasta hundar på.

On Saturday it was Ake Cronander who judged and Diesel fell him well in taste.He first became best male and ended up as BOB with CAC and CACIB. New Danish Champion, lovely lovely!

 On Sunday it was Berri Beari from Ireland who judged and even she liked Diesel and made him BOB. Zoya was 2 best bitch with CACIB. :) In the group on Sunday was Judge Anne Indgaard from Norway and Diesel became BIG-3!!! So much fun! Our travel companion Jill was BOB in the breed ring (11 years old) and BIS-veteran and BIG-4! Congratulations Jenny and thanks again for a great weekend:))




Sun out and sun inside, Västerås NAT

Close to the show and late start number allows one almost get to sleep in and this Saturday it was just like that. Shining sun was making it felt a bit boring to shut themselves in the show for a whole day. But with such great results this day that did not do so much. :) First up was Jenny and Diesel that began with winning the champion (4 champion males) and then became best male. Our junior Cava was there and was shown nicely by owner Anna. Excellent and ck and finally 3rd best bitch with CC! We are so proud of our little girl who is with and fight with them big girls and gives champion bitches a match. Diesel ended up as BOB and the group he was shortlisted among them six best but not placed.

Thanks girls for a great day!




Succesfull day in Strängnäs!

On Saturday it was time to head to Strängnäs for a show. Nice to show nearly at home and you don't need to drive so far. :)

Three dogs would be there from me, Diesel, Zoya and Anna would bringour Cava. Among the males Diesel won champion class and was placed as 3rd best male, as usual, nicely shown by Jenny. First out of the bitches were Cava in the junior class and she won it with ck! Even Zoya won her class (champion) and then it was time for the competition, very exciting! Both our girls looked really nice and I thought that it would be Zoya who would be the best bitch but she had to settle for a second place for our junior went all the way and was best bitch!! Yay so fun!! It's not often a junior goes and beats 4 championbitches!! She ended up as BOS. Congratulations Anna and really good job!




Norway and two new champions!

Last Friday it vas time for something that I and Jenny looked forward to for some time, a trip to Norway and show in Bö. We came away in good time, and altough the trip took about 9 hours, it was actually good. But it helps when you have the best travel companion and a car stuffed with candy and soda. :)

On Saturday it was time for the show and it's no regular show location exactly but when you driven up and down the mountains for about 30 minutes then you will come to the hall located there completely alone in the middle of nowhere! 11 basenjis were entered under judge Hanne Laine Jensen(Denmark) but 9 basenjis were in place. First was Diesel who won best male with CAC, CACIB and new Norwegian champion! Zoya would not be much worse, she ended up 2nd best bitch with CAC and therefore new Norwegian champion!!! Diesel ended up as BOB. What a wonderful day!! Thanks Jenny for showing my dogs in the best way! You are worth gold! That said, this was a successful weekend and I'm already looking forward to the next long trip! :))





Since I would be working this weekend as My Dog is so we decided that Zoya would ride with Sofie. Since Zoya stood before the championship so it was a little extra nervous and it felt like forever before I got the message that Zoya had become BOS and took both the CAC, CACIB and could now call herself Swedish Champion! Hooray!!





The highlight and the last show is in December every year. A show that you simply just have to be there even if you are showing a dog or not. We had a few dogs from us showed and it was a bit mixed results. Best of all, it was for our black pearl Zoya who finished 2nd best bitch with CC. Pixie, a junior from us got excellent with CK. Besides the actual assessment so we had a lovely day with lovely people and dogs. After about 10 hours in place, we were really tired and happy when we got home. Thanks everyone for a great day!



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