Dogs have always been a big part of my life. I have no idea where the interest came from but as lon as I can remember I have always prefered dogs and already as a young girl I knew that I would breed dogs later when I grew up. As soon as as I was big enough to walk other peoples dogs I did just that and there where a big number being walked around my neighbourhood everyday. My real "adventure" started when I, at 14 years of age, wrote a letter to kennel Gevonnes (Siberian Husky) and asked permission to come and visit them as they had my favourite breed. That was the start of 15 year long period with that breed. Unfortunately the breed was too obviously devided into two different types, show dogs and sled dogs, and therefore I didn't continue with this otherwise lovely breed. That I prefer wamth over cold could also be the reason… At numerous times I asked myself what I was doing, for example when standing behind a sled with stiff frozen fingers and frost under the nose!

I have also owned a couple of Collies and Dobermanns, but it wasn't until I got my Basenji that I felt that I wanted to start breeding and in August 2006 I got my kennel name approved by the FCI.

I had looked at the Basenji for a long time and thought it was a very attractive breed. A visit with Kjell and Per-Yngve at kennel Kasenyi didn't make me change my mind exactly. I wanted a Basenji! When my favourite Basenji since a long time, namely Faraoland Luxor Out Of Africa, bred a bitch I made my mind up at an instant. The day when Kjell called and sayed that the pups where born was a joyus one. Three bitches and two dogs. This time I would get my long awaited for, red/white female. In the pedigree she is called Kasenyi Igiza Af Luxor, but what would fit a wonderfully red and sweet little girl better than Hallon (which means raspberry in English). So that was the name of my first Basenji. It was also Hallon that inspired to the name of my kennel since Razz is an abbrevation of raspberries. Now Hallon is in dog heaven, but it was she who attracted me to this wonderful breed ant later became a breeder of basenji.

Right now our little group consists 4 dogs, 3 females and 1 male. Our dogs live closely with us and they comes with on the most things we do. It becomes a lot of shows in the spring/summer, but also a lot of caravan rides and archipelago as we have a boat.

I take no litter "just because" I take no litter "just because" they must be carefully thought through and get to when I feel I have two parents who can match each other really well!  

This is were we live!